Discover Sydney as a Haven for Fitness Lovers

Discover Sydney as a Haven for Fitness Lovers

Posted 2015-06-18 by GabbyDIfollow
For all fitness lovers located in Sydney, here is a short list of suggestions on how to keep your workout fun and productive. Let’s burn those calories with minimum effort and keep it entertaining but active.

If you find it hard to persuade yourself to get on board with the program and start losing that extra weight before next season, the following list offers some great choices on how to work out without even knowing it. Every single one of these activities will burn at least 400 calories in record time, presuming that you spend at least an hour on it.

[Link Recreation Walk]

Coastal walks in Sydney are a great way to keep fit and active and to enjoy some of the best views Sydney has to offer.

Bondi to Coogee is 6 kilometers and not only are you exercising, but you are also relieving yourself from stress. Nature and the view will relax you, and the work out will burn all that extra fat.

If you are able to finish this route in less than two hours, you will burn more than 420 calories. A regular diet and a walk like this every two days is all you need to keep you healthy.

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[Link Kayaking]

In Sydney you can find a secluded spot for your first tryouts, and you should know that there is no better exercise for your upper body than kayaking. Even gym sessions can’t compete! Your shoulders, arms, hands, your entire back and abdomen, plus your chest is engaged and this workout is also a great cardio.

There is no better choice for people of adventurous spirit, and one hour of active kayaking will help you burn more than 450 calories, for an average sized person of course.

[Link Trampoline Fitness]

This is a great and not so new way of exercise that will remind you of how much fun you had on trampolines as a child, and at the same time will prove itself as one of the best choices for exercise.

There aren’t too many places in Sydney, but at [Link Boing Central] you can find trampoline fitness classes with instructors to help you have fun and lose weight in the process.

An hour of active workout can help you burn more than 430 calories, and this should be your definite choice if you wish to concentrate entirely on play, but get some impressive results at the same time.

Photo source Wikimedia

Go for a Swim

The least you can do is go for a swim, and believe it or not, just a simple backstroke style will burn 250 calories in less than 30 minutes.

Breaststroke will burn even more – approximately 370 calories in 30 minutes, and if you love to swim, there is no better workout. Head to the beach and start losing that fat.

Remember that working out in groups will help you to forget about the exhausting part.

It will motivate you, help you to relax and if you have a partner, keeping yourself fit comes a lot easier.

Don’t forget to stretch out! It is extremely important to prepare your muscles for every exercise, so make some time and hold each pose for 10 to 30 seconds to warm up properly. Last, but not least, remember to have fun!

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