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A great place to go shopping on King Street

Ah , either you love this area or you loathe it. If you're after some cheap housing, forget it. This is where grunge meets retro. People who either live in or frequent this area want to mix it up and become self confessed fashionistas. The personalities living in are diverse, from university students and professors to those receiving welfare payments. also attracts migrants and professionals.

The University of Sydney

Then again, you have one of Sydney's largest teaching hospitals, and The University of Sydney right on your doorstep.

The area is relatively safe, and there are an abundance of cafes, clothes shops and restaurants to name. King Street is busy, and seems to never end. The vibe of continues into Enmore, yet starts to fade in more industrialised St Peters.

Inside a Thai Restaurant on King Street

What is known most for:

  • King Street - more popular than King Street in Sydney City.

  • An abundance of Thai Restaurants. The choice is endless.

  • The University of Sydney. Some people think this university is based in Camperdown, while others think the main campus of Sydney University is in Darlington. Many student residences/colleges are in fact based in .

  • Grunge outlook. Then again, isn't the Sydney capital of grunge?

  • A renovated alternative cinema.

  • A number of book stores.

  • Quality coffee and brunch spots.

  • King Street

    Who lives in :

  • Professors

  • Students - mainly those who attend Sydney Uni

  • Hippy types

  • Those on welfare

  • Migrants

  • Gay/Lesbian types

  • Environmentalists/activists

  • The socially conscious

  • Artists

  • Professionals

  • Single people who love action, and never a dull moment kind of life experiences.

  • Those with multiple body piercings

  • Housing wise, is mainly home to a number of cottages and terrace houses. More apartments are being constructed in the area, and there is also a trend towards warehouse conversions.

    Perfect coffee locale

    Postcode: 2042

    Vibe: Grunge, colour, eat, shop and max out our credits cards in the process.

    Near the renovated Dendy Cinemas

    If is a food it would be: Pad Thai or a brunch dish.

    If was a cartoon character it would be:Sylvester.

    Home to many great cafes too

    If was a shoe it would be:Converse.

    Parking: Too hard, just forget it and take public transport. Even better, walk from Central train station.
    Seriously, it's not that far for those of you who love to walk.

    Many dog owners here too

    Transport:Refurbished train station. Hooray. More frequent train services are enjoyed on the T2 South Line. Otherwise the 422, 423, 426 & 428 bus services take you to the City. Bus route 370 takes you to Annandale and Coogee.

    Books paradise

    Direction: West (South West)

    Distance from the CBD: 4km

    Nearby areas: Enmore, St Peters, Stanmore, Petersham, Chippendale, Glebe and Ultimo. You can even count Rozelle and Annandale.

    Street art is cool here too


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