Signs That Youre a True Blue Sydneysider

Signs That Youre a True Blue Sydneysider

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The spotlight is on Sydney

Fellow Sydney siders, you do indeed know when you're a real Sydney person. Every major capital city in Australia has it's good points and it's not so good points. This feature article is aiming to combine the two. Sydney is a fantastic city, yet there are a few things that annoy many Sydney siders in general. The latter is not referring to the Sydney-Melbourne rivalry either, not that it exists for Sydney.

Having fun in Sydney

Sydney siders, we think we live in one of the world's most liveable cities. Our neighbour Melbourne has beat us at it - again. The Economist Intelligence Unit's (EIU) Global Livability Survey has placed Sydney as the 7th most liveable city in the world, yet we have it so great considering.

Stylish Sydney

These are the telltale signs that you're a Sydneysider inside and out. These signs are presented in order of brainstorming:

1. Idle time is wasted time

Sydney is a fast-paced city, and we want to get as much done in a day as possible - otherwise we feel useless. Sometimes it can take a decent amount of time to get from A to B, considering that one area of Sydney is so close to the other.

We dont like wasting time, only to buy the finest jewellery for our hard work.

When we go on holidays, especially in Far North Queensland; the people up there do not understand why our flights and airport transfers are closely knit when going on holidays. It's simple. We don't like waiting around too long for anything, as it seems like a waste of time. This leads onto the next point...

A Sydney train

2. Our trains

Even though our train services are clean and reliable, the majority of Sydney siders whinge when their train is on time and not late. We complain that they don't come often enough, and that the air conditioning is either too high or not on at all. Furthermore, announcements that are difficult to understand can irritate many Sydney train commuters, as well as ticket prices per distance and a lack of seats. If Sydney Trains was to be compared to train services in other capital cities around Australia, Sydney really has it good. On this, please get rid of those old silver trains from the 80's with no air-conditioning, and our train services would be sensational.

3. Bike riding

Is becoming a new Sydney past time, however our roads were not designed for commuter cycling. In saying this, many people are getting used to it as more Sydney siders are choosing to cycle to work.

4. Dress code

We don't want to cover ourselves up unless it is really cold. We're fortunate to not have the need to wear scarves and coats every day in winter. We do get some summer's grace in the cooler seasons. On that, Melbourne is just "cold Melbourne" at that time of the year.

Soaking it up in sunny Sydney

5. The beach

Sydney siders love hitting the beach, and especially after work. We have a number of popular beaches and other establishments to cool down in within close proximity to each other. In summer, we're sweating underneath our business suits. Yes, Sydney and sun go hand in hand.

6. Sydney is expensive

Some Sydney siders still whinge about "how expensive it is to live in Sydney." Sure our rents continue to increase, yet many of us want to live in prime real estate. Think water views on the Eastern Suburbs. On that end of the world, you're paying a fortune. There are other Australian cities with rents and house prices higher than ours. Take a holiday in Perth, and Sydney is cheap in comparison. Head to Melbourne for a day, you'll be relieved the moment your plane has landed in Sydney.

Prime real estate does not come cheap in Sydney

7. Commercialism

Sydney is a city with an increasing number of entrepreneurs - people who choose to work for themselves. We will do whatever it takes and pay whatever price to make our businesses work. We will put in the long hours if we have to. On that, we're now a conservative bunch. We are careful with our spending, as well as on the business and investment decisions we make. We don't waste our money as much on booze anymore, something of which our southern neighbours are beginning to do.

8. The 2000 Olympic Games

A reminder of the Sydney Olympics

Indeed, we can't stop talking about the games being declared "the best Olympics ever." Sydney Olympic Park is still in demand, and many Sydney siders flock to this end of the world for sporting and entertainment reasons.

9. Proud moments

You're not a true Sydney sider unless you've stepped foot inside the Sydney Opera House at least once. We're proud to take people on the Manly Ferry, and we're also proud to show them our most prominent landmarks...think Circular Quay. Sydney siders are friendly when it comes to welcoming new interstate and international migrants into this fabulous city.

The Sydney Opera House

10. Foodies delight

We are proud home cooks, however we love and adore our cafes, bars and restaurants. We're up for adventure, socialising and fun when it comes to our food. Within the same week we would have enjoyed sushi, pho, a laksa and a home roast. We know more about our food than we ever have.

We love eating out

That is sensational Sydney. Be warned, Sydney is an in your face Sydney, and it is not the right city for everyone to live in. Only a selected amount who can manage large crowds and rapid changes all at once will relish Sydney life. Sydney provides prosperity to those who work extremely hard in a line of work they're passionate about. In Sydney, it is not about who you know, it is all about how hard you're willing to work for what you want. Although it is not the easiest task to fall in love and to make friends in this amazing city, yet Sydney is full of culture, chicness and personality. Personally, I am proud to now call Sydney home for the last 14 months.

Sensational and sunny Sydney


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