Surry Hills

Surry Hills

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is hip and trendy

A much sought after suburb for young professionals to live - especially if you're working in a creative profession. This is the area where all the young people - those in their 20's to 40's want to live. Why not. is hip, trendy and so posh in its own way without any ego involved. It feels like you're living in Melbourne if you happen to be fortunate enough to live in this area.

For a cool, cosy afternoon.

was once unsafe and rough. Now is a cosmopolitan brunch, dog, young people and kid loving area. There are an abundance of cafes and restaurants that cater to vegans and vegetarians, and to those who prefer their organic fare.

People waiting for buses to take them to a cricket match at nearby Moore Park. Taken at Central Train Station.

What is known most for:

  • Central Train Station

  • Crown Street

  • Dasher - the much loved Dingo Kelpie who lived on Crown Street. Unfortunately he was hit by a car at Moore Park in 2012. He is still sorely missed, and has more Twitter followers than his owner.

  • Trendy cafes and restaurants

  • Great coffee pit stops, including single origin coffee.

  • Community, arts and other events.

  • Sydney's dental hospital

  • Vintage clothes stores in abundance

  • There are still a few brothels around

  • Trendy cafes

    Who lives in :

  • Young people - single or otherwise.

  • Executives, lawyers and artists.

  • Young families

  • Dog lovers

  • Some old school rough residents (think public housing) still live here. This area used to be a slum.

  • In memory of Dasher, the adorable Dingo Kelpie outside his home at 443 Crown Street.

    Housing wise, the area enjoys a number of new apartments and Victorian Terrace Houses. There are still a few housing commission units in the area.

    Food heaven

    Postcode: 2010

    Vibe: Cosmopolitan and arty with a social conscience. Economical in style.

    If was a food it would be: Organic eggs and mushroom sandwich.

    If was a cartoon character it would be: Donald Duck.

    If was a shoe it would be: Black horse shoe like boots that go over skinny blue jeans.

    Prince Alfred Park, right next to Central Train Station.

    Parking: Difficult. Use public transport or walk from the city instead.

    Transport: Ample bus services are available on Chalmers, Elizabeth and Crown Streets. is also serviced by Central Train Station. There is generally no problem catching a taxi here.

    Direction: South

    Distance from the CBD: 2kms

    Nearby areas: Darlinghurst, Kings Cross, Moore Park, Redfern, Akexandria, Waterloo and Rosebery.


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