Weird and Wonderful Australia

Weird and Wonderful Australia

Posted 2014-03-09 by Justine Crowleyfollow
A couple of wonderful things in this picture about Sydney in March 2014

What is foreign in one country, is second nature to another. Although Australia is classed as being the lucky country, our relatively young country has founded some cultural norms of which are both weird and wonderful about Australia as a country full stop.

Bring a plate full of some food please, not an empty plate.

Firstly, at BBQ's and some other social gatherings; many Aussies tell their guests to "bring a plate." This took a bit of adjusting at first coming from a European background. Many people who migrate to Australia would be confused with this statement. Such a statement is meant to imply that bringing an empty plate is still a plate. Moreover, this statement naturally means to bring a plate of food. Such a statement is subject to interpretation if you weren't born and bred in Australia.

Where is it going

Secondly, many Aussies ask others "How's it going?" I am sure you've been asked this question many times. All such question askers want to hear is "fine" or "good." In this question, what does "it" imply? Say you happen to have just asked me that question: does "it" mean my business, or even my relationship? Or the course I am studying? Be specific please, none of us are mind readers. Quite funny actually. There was a friend of mine who was born and bred in Australia who asked another friend of mine this question in my presence. This other friend of mine is originally from Canada. His response was "It's going." See, weird and wonderful.

Am empty ground. Sydney Swans or Sydney FC Be specific on what footy youre watching.

It is a classic to hear Aussie guys say to you "we're just watching the footy." Now that can cause some confusion. Why? There are four different codes of football at the professional level here in Australia. Sydney siders have the National Rugby League (NRL); Melburnians have the Australian Football League (AFL), and Australia is also represented in rugby union, soccer and touch football. At the cricket, the commentators have a habit of saying "the crowds are filled to capacity." Hmmm...a tautology here. You don't hear any cricket commentator saying this at The Ashes in England...only at the SCG and the MCG to name.

The Queen on our 5 notes

In 2001, Australian's had a chance to choose whether or not to become a republic at the referendum. We voted to stay as a Commonwealth, and this means we have a Governor General who represents The Queen. The Queen is from the UK. I know we work hard for our public holidays, yet why is there a Queens Birthday public holiday celebration in Australia and not in the UK? If the majority of Australian's want to get rid of The Queen, then why is she on our $5 notes too?

Get dressed and get inebriated nice

Being an ex-Melburnian, I am still fascinated to see many people dress up in fancy dress for the races, and to then drunkenly scream at cabbies after way too much bubbly.

Interstate visitors to this popular capital city, were happy to fly up to get on a cruise ship to go overseas from around this area but not to stay here for too long.

Finally, it is fascinating how many Aussies comment on how expensive it is to go on holidays in our own backyard. We know more about what the US Dollar can now buy us, instead of our own. We don't know much about Cairns, or the Gold Coast - but we know so much about Bali, Singapore, Hong Kong, London, and many of the cities in the USA. Even Sydney siders do not know what our nations capital is like anymore, yet they're only a short drive away from it.

We lick and kiss this Italian pig for good luck too. Again, weird and wonderful.


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